1. Disinfection Capability of XGerm Phone UV Sanitizer
    UV light is an effective disinfectant for killing household germs and viruses. However, not all the ‘purple lights’ are effective in killing germs....
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  2. Differences Between XGerm, XGerm Pro and XGerm Ultra
    With a good UV light sanitizing device, you can clean surfaces like glasses, credit cards, wallets, or those items that are always with you, like y...
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  3. Lexuma 紫外光殺菌電話消毒盒系列 : XGerm vs XGerm Pro
    如何選擇適合自己的手機消毒盒? 外國有研究發現,我們每日接觸的手機,竟然比門柄、公廁的馬桶依附著更多細菌,而一部手機的含菌量更達致公廁廁所板的18倍!日本專家更表示細菌病毒喜歡依附在手機的光滑表面,而且能停留在表面並生存長達24小時。 有見及此,面對近日病毒肆虐、疫情愈趨嚴重,市民不得不加...
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